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Joining event and exhibition is our funny time , Come to visit us, we are waiting for your visit in next event.

It is funny!

You can see events and exhibitions we join and we are waiting to meet you in our next event. :)

One Day Sharing : Uni Project at University of Phayao
1 December 2020

The company event for University which has geoinformatics and related teaching. Company tends to give wider experience to students in technology and workforce

OSGeo Thailand : Virtual Event in topic OGC API - Features Part 1 : Core
27 November 2020

The virtual event by OSGeo Thailand and I-bitz company limited to introduce OGC API

Thailand Space Week 2019
27-29 August 2019 at Impact Muang Thong Thani

We have exhibition in this event booth B7. See geoinformatics and IoT Solution from our company.

GNSS Ecosystem and Flying IoT exhibition
9 August 2019 in DEPA

GNSS Ecosystem and Flying IoT.
We was bring JetStream and Vallaris to show how integrated to IoT Ecosystem

Show Khong Day : Spatial Visualization
17 July 2019 in Softnix co.,Ltd.

Our CEO are guest speaker in Show Khong Day : Spatial Visualization by Softnix Co.,Ltd.

OSGeo Thailand Meetup 5th edition
8 June 2019 in Thammasart University

Introduction Python processing using Open Source GIS
9 April 2019 at Faculty of Agriculture Nature Resources and Environment Naresuan University

Spatial Innovation Lab, i-bitz company limited
1 May 2019 in KKUSP

We are opening new research and develop laboratory "Spatial Innovation Lab" at KhonKaen University Science Park (KKUSP)
1 May 2019 at KhonKaen University Science Park (KKUSP)

OSGeo Thailand Meetup 4th edition
9 April 2019 in Phitsanulok

OpenStreetMap Contribution by JOSM
9 April 2019 at Faculty of Agriculture Nature Resources and Environment Naresuan University

OSGeo Thailand Meetup 1st-2nd edition
15-16, 18-19 February 2019 in Bangkok

Integrated Web-GIS and Mobile-GIS Service Oriented platform
By Gérald Fenoy and Venkatesh Raghavan
15-16 February 2019 at BIOPHICS, Mahidol University (Thailand)
18-19 February 2019 at Naresuan University (Thailand)

OSGeo Thailand Meetup 1st edition
14 January 2019 in Bangkok

First OSGeo Thailand meet up. And it is about Vector Tile
14 January 2019 at TOMTOM Navigator (Thailand)

FOSS4G Asia 2018
2-5 December 2018 in Sri-Lanka

Open Source for Sustainable Development
2nd - 5th December 2018 in Moratuwa - Sri Lanka


CEBIT ASEAN Thailand 2018
18-20 October 2018 in Bangkok

CEBIT ASEAN Thailand – ASEAN’s business platform, festival for innovation & digitization. Hosted by the Ministry of Digital Economy & Society and the Minister of Science and Technology (TBC)

Khon Kaen Smart City Expo6 October 2018 in Khon Kaen

Burapha Innovation Fair 201816 August 2018 in Burapha University

FOSS4G Thailand 201823-24 July 2018 at AIT

FOSS4G Run23 July 2018 at AIT

Geoinfotech 20181-2February 2018

FOSS4G International 201514-19 September 2015 at Soul

Geo-informatics for Graduate Students and Young ResearchersJune 9-11, 2014 at Mae Fah Luang University

The Institute for the Study of Natural Resources and Environmental Management (NREM), Mae Fah Luang University is pleased to announce that the 1st International Conference on Geo-informatics for Graduate Students and Young Researchers: “GI-GRAD2014”

International Landscape Architecture Forum22 March 2014 at Kasetsart University

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