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Our success geospatial web application in the government sector. You can see you customize the application in various need, and we are improving develop technology for the best solution since 2004 to present.

Our mapping and IoT framework, Vallaris and JetStream are the key application platform for us in delivering projects!



Our Success Projects

More than 50 Geospatial projects with government and private sector by our company.If you have a spatial idea and would like to make it happen Why not? Contact Us →

Silpakorn University - The CCTV Dashboard

Silpakorn University - Sanam Chandra Palace Campus. JetStream and Vallaris as the base software infrastructure for mapping and streaming video data. Under the constraint that multi-sources of VMS, JetStream is IoT data platform who integrated it together, 


Metropolitan Electricity Authority - Open Geospatial Data API

Metropolitan Electricity Authority Data API

This is the first-time Metropolitan Electricity Authority open geospatial data as API that following OGC API - Features, you can access detials geospatial data on 1:1,000 from MEA

Tourism Intelligence Center - Ministry of Tourism and Sports

Tourism Intelligence Center is Thailand tourism data portal of Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Thailand. Information has been display on several dashboards. More than 8 angels of Tourism data of Thailand.

Dynamic Energy Management System (DEMs) - VEKIN

The smart building energy management system, JetStream was served on data collection and control from-to several source of data eg. Air Condition, Lighting switch and Solar Cell. For better energy management in buildings.

JetStream Vallaris

Spatial Data Service

GISTDA Spatial Data Service

Nationwide Weather Station and Water Station with geographic data analysis from GISTDA Spatial Data Service.

Holistic Executive Support System

Geographic InformationSystem integrated with Business Intelligence for executive in Easter Economic Corridor (EEC). More than 70 mapping layers in each area for make decision

GISTDA Flood Application

Flooding area monitoring from satellite imagery. There are flooding data to 30 days and repeating flood. You can download latest flood and repeating flood in GIS file format form GISTDA services.

Ministry of Energy

GIS system under energy domain. System was used for data collection about energy, gas station, power line, etc. Users from provincial energy send data to system regularly

National Statistical Office

Statistical Geographic Information System, From census to survey in Thailand are represent in thematic map. More than 10K maps can call from STATGIS system

The National Geo-Informatics Board

Agriculture application by NGIS, main purpose of application to provide agriculture data to operator in province level or local to understand area clearly

Bureau of the Budget

Geographic Information for Budget Monitoring is system for Thailand's loan budgeting (2012-2013) monitoring allocate by area and function.
eBudgeting GIS

Bureau of the Budget

e-Budgeting GIS is system for Thailand's budgeting monitoring allocate by area and function.

GISTDA Agriculture Zoning

Application in agriculture area to giving information to planner. Planner can build online land stability model for the best yield of each crops in Thailand. This application use genertic algorithm in background calculation suitable crop in each area.

Bureau of the Budget

Spatial data input of e-Budgeting GIS for Ministry's officers to located budget request. Support drawing in single and multiple objects.

GISTDA Small Water Area

Small reservoir are store water area for multi-purpose such as agriculture or flood protection. GISTDA provide system for local officers to collaborate data update.

GISTDA Policy Impact

Geographic Information System integrated with Business Intelligence for executive in Easter Economic Corridor (EEC) Phase 1. Key data are budgeting allocation in EEC Area and other physical/socio-economic data

ShutterRunning Register System

Running event directory and register system with fully functions support any kind of running event register

ShutterRunning Image Service 

Running images service for browsing running images from events in thailand. Platform is designed for runner can browse and buy images from website easily

Kasetsart University

Green university is commonly known in the world as all kinds of activities under the vision of “sustainable development.” It also represents an important responsibility undertaken by higher education for the development of society

Kasetsart University

The official website of the Division of Landscape Architecture was established in 2002 under the Faculty of Architecture of Kasetsart University.

Ministry of Public Health

Malaria GIS is a part of strategy to contain artemisinin resistance. The attempt corresponds to the WHO initiative, funded by the Global Fund, to contain anti-malaria drug resistance in SEA.

Department of Environment Promotion

Thailand Environment Education Network,application for promote environment study and create community network in Thailand.[Depreciated]

Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation

Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP)use Vallaris platform for storing location data of forest plantation area and social activies of  Royally Initiated Project. The data maintenance by Protected Areas Regional Office, regional office. Main purpose is tracking and monitoring plantation area according to budget allocation.

GISTDA Cropmet

The agriculture application that integrated multi satellite sources to build pesticide warning system by monitor temperature, humidity, rainfall and seasoning with historical data.

GISTDA Agriculture Online

The agriculture application which integrated multi satellite sources and then extract indicators eg. NDVI, NDWI, ET, BT, VCI, TCI and etc. Application was display all indicators and provide map services. Business Intelligence show historical data in graph and chart.

Department of Probation

Management Information System of Department of Probation which including geographic information system. Key data is personal data and their probation, for executive can easiler make decision on data more clearly.

The National Geo-Informatics Board

Solidwasted application by NGIS, main purpose of application to provide wasted data to operator in province level or local to understand area clearly

Kanjanaburi Rajabhat University

Vallaris application in Kanchanaburi province operate by Kanchanaburi Rajaphat University. Project contains tourism information to promote tourism industry in Kanchanaburi. Vallaris is backend application store tourist place layers for frontend and analysis.[Depreciated]

BIOTEC- National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA)

Soil Map application of the National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC) is research center under the umbrella of the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), the project was designed for storing soil survey data from researcher and soil profile database from Land Development Department. Application was providing public access soil profile data. Vallaris is backend application store boring location and its information. 

Swamp Forest Map Application 

Swamp Forest Map Application is web-map based application for visualized spatial data which has more 30 layers. This application use Vallaris ReactJS map library that most easiest way to build map application.

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