Solid Terrain Model

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"Solid Terrain Modeling exhibited some of the most amazing 3D renderings of the earth's surface that I have ever seen."
Joseph J Kerski, PhD Geographer - Education / GIS US Geological Survey


What is Solid Terrain Model?

STM models are actual physical models that people can gather around, touch and view from any angle, allowing for a deeper understanding of the information presented. Precisely cut in dense polyurethane foam, our models hold exacting detail, giving a completely realistic rendering of the land formations. Add to that, brilliant full-color hi-resolution printing of satellite imagery, aerial photography or other graphic data on the dimensional surface and the scene comes alive. STM Solid Terrain Models provide a level of understanding not

found in any computer model, ordinary topographic model or flat map. Our models can be any size - from table top to wall mounted or even tiled to fill an entire exhibition hall.

STM are Communication Tools

STM Solid Terrain Models Are Communication Tools that help people see and understand topography in a direct and reliable way. STM Solid Terrain Models have many advantages over virtual computer models and flat maps. Computer models can be difficult to interact with, confusing to get a bearing and impossible for a large group of people to gather around. And flat contour maps are just hard to read. When looking at an actual physical model the information is immediately available, everyone "gets it" right away - scale, distance, terrain, points of view, sight lines, etc. allowing for a deeper understanding of the information presented.

How Solid Terrain Model are made?

Starting with a block of hi-density polyurethane foam, Solid Terrain Models are cut on our computer-controlledmilling machines from digital elevation data; giving unparalleled accuracy and realism to the terrain. 

Once cutting is complete, our custom printing machines fly inkjet print heads over the surface of the
model, printing any type of image in full vibrant 
color. The result is a model that conveys an understanding of the information presented far better than any other mapping technology available.


Department of Natural Parks and Wildlife and Conservation. Thailand

In this project we create 3D model in 150X150cm. The data we use containt DEM resolution 30 meters and Landsat7 year 2012 and some GIS data such as village, spot heigh and stream.

Modelling Area
Pasak Navamin Research Center, Mae Hong Son, Thailand

Moo2 Tambon HuayPha, Amphoe Muang, Mae Hong Son

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Closeup shot after build

STM Factory at USA

Overview Model

STM Factory at USA

Overview Model

STM Factory at USA

Overview Model

STM Factory at USA

Mockup stand

i-bitz company limited, Bangkok

Mockup stand closeup shot

i-bitz company limited, Bangkok

Finished Model closeup shot

Protected Areas Regional Office 16 Chiang Mai

Finished Model

Protected Areas Regional Office 16 Chiang Mai

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STM Team

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Head of Geoinformatics
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